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 Business Hours
Monday to Saturday 08:00 – 17:00
Sunday 08:00 – 16:00
Statutory Holidays - Closed
 Convenience Kits
Additional Charge: $35.00 per Person

Per Person Set:
Blankets, Pillow, Hand Towels, Bath Towels, Dish Towels, Coffee Cup, Sheets, Pillow Cases, Wash Cloth, Tumblers.
 Driver Rental Requirements
Minimum Age 21 / Maximum Age 75
No charge for additional driver. Each additional driver must be present and listed on the rental contract.
Use of a generator will be charged with $3.00 per hour or at a flat rate of $8.00 per day
 Insurance Terms
Public Liability Insurance (included in daily rate)

We maintain liability insurance coverage on all rental vehicles to protect the renter and authorized drivers. Liability coverage is limited to the minimum financial limits determined by the US State or Canadian Province in which the accident occurs. Claims in excess of the State or Province limits may arise. These claims are the responsibility of the renter. The rental center assumes no responsibility for such liability claims unless client has purchased the supplementary liability insurance.
Deductible $700.00 per occurrence.

Vehicle Incident Protection (included in daily rate)
The insurance reduces the renters responsibility to $700.00 per occurrence in case of overhead damage, undercarriage damage, damage from vehicle back up, vandalism, theft or windshield damage regardless of fault and for cost incurred in transporting damaged vehicle to the rental station – including towing and storage – provided the renter is in compliance with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. The insurance covers the damage to the RV itself but does not limit the renter’s responsibilities for liability claims, property damage and / or personal injuries. Deductible $700.00 per occurrence.

Optional Liability Insurance - $8.00 per day
The insurance provides supplementary liability that protect the renter for the difference between the underlying insurance and up to $ against claims made by a third party for bodily injuries and / or property damage sustained as a result of an incident while operating the vehicle.

Mexico Liability Insurance
This is a required supplementary protection for the renter if traveling to Mexico. In addition a written permission from the rental station is required for all border crossings. Please request the detailed information if you plan to travel to Mexico.
Multi-Lingual Rental Agents
English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch or Japanese.
Operator manuals are available in the same languages.
 Luggage Storage
Additional luggage may be stored at the rental station at your own risk
 Mileage Charges
Mileage fees may be charged as follows:
Mileage Packages: $125.00 per package only advance reservation
Unlimited Mileage: Special rates are available for rentals of 14 + Days
Individual Mileage Charge: $0.32 per Mile.
 Minimum Rental
High Season = 7 Days
Off Season = 5 Days
 Northern Charges
Driving to Alaska, to Northern BC - Alaska Highway North of Fort St. John or the Steward Cassiar Highway, to the Yukon Territory and to the Northwest Territories are considered Northern Rentals. A mandatory one-time preparation/insurance fee of $450.00 applies. The fee does not apply for all rentals originating in Alaska or the Yukon Territory. If you drive into these areas without permission your insurance coverage may be void. In case of an accident customers are responsible for all fees.
 One Way Rental
Available. We offer attractive rates for last minute rentals or off/low season rental. In some instances one-way fees are waived.
 Preparation Fee
Mandatory one-time fee $100.00 per Rental
The fee includes transfers from / to rental center, propane gas supply, chemicals, cleaning items and cooking utensils.
Permitted – please contact us. The client is responsible for all damages and/or cleaning charges. A one-time $50.00 fee is required.
All published rates are available with advance reservation only.
Locally advertised rates may be higher.
 Rental Equipment
Most rental center are providing the following items for rent and at a additional cost: Mountain Bikes, Bike Carrier, Child Seats, Booster Seats, Toaster, Lawn Chairs, inflatable Canoes or Kayaks, Snow Chains etc. Advance reservation is highly recommended. You may rent these items also at local outdoor supply stores.
 Security Deposit
A $500.00 deposit is required at the time of departure. Payment must be guaranteed with a valid major credit card. The deposit is valid only for the duration of the rental contract and will not appear on the client’s credit card statement, therefore it will not be necessary to refund. We release the credit card capture automatically upon return of the RV. Either the primary renter or co-renter may sign the credit card slip.
All units are strictly non-smoking. If you smoke in the unit – a cleaning fee of $250.00 may apply.
 Transfers, Early Bird
07:15 am – 08:00 (additional cost please inquire)
Priority transfers are offered only from selected hotels. Advance information necessaary. Please call the rental station upon arrival.
 Transfers - General
Standard Transfer: 10:00 am – 14:00
Clients must call the rental center not later than 09:00 am the morning of vehicle pick up in order to schedule the transfer. Actual transfer time is between 10:00 am – 14:00
Self-Transfer Procedures: Call the rental center not later than 09:00 am to determine the time of RV availability. Do not arrive unannounced.
 Transfers - Pick up
Generally from 10:00 pm – 14:00
Early Bird from 07:15 am – 08:00
Late Transfers up to 16:00
 Transfers - Return
Drop off between 08:00 am – 11:00
A return transfer either to the hotel or the airport will be provided between 08:00 am – 13:00
 Travel Restriction
Death Valley from July & August, Logging Roads, non-public Roads, Montreal & Quebec City Metropolitan Areas, New York City/Manhattan. Travel to is allowed with additionally purchased insurance. For all Northern Routes (Alaska & Yukon) clients are traveling at their own risk and are responsible for all damages.
Are generally included in our rental rates – with the exception of taxes for additionally locally rented items, additional insurance, one-way fees and locally paid mileage fees
 Unit Years
All RV’s are current model years
 Upgrades / Downgrades
We will make every effort to provide the type of vehicle requested and booked. We do, however, reserve the right to substitute a vehicle of equivalent or lower value or offer a higher rated vehicle at no additional cost. Should a lower rated vehicle be substituted, our responsibility is limited to refundi the difference in the daily rental rates.
All information provided may change without any further notice.
All RV Interior Layouts, RV images, RV Specifications etc shall be used as a guideline only. Actual vehicles exterior/interiors may be different.

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